School Age

Schools Out. We’re Stepping Up. Keep Your Child On Track With Social Opportunities And Learning. 

Reliable Schedules Get You Back To Work

We understand the need for a safe and sustainable return to education and childcare. Open the days school is out, you can trust your child is in a safe and healthy home away from home, so you can keep the consistent schedule your family relies on to stay productive. 

Qualified Teachers Keep Your Child Learning

Your child gets the academic help they need. Our degreed, caring teachers are here to tackle all the lessons, questions and due dates your child has, so your child stays on track with their learning and progresses easily to the next grade level, uninterrupted and excelling. 

Reduced Classroom Sizes Keep Your Child Safe And Centered

Our classrooms hold a maximum of 20 children because smaller class sizes keep your child’s health safe. They also give your child the benefit of more dedicated teacher attention to help them grasp lessons and excel at school, whether online or in person. 

Caring Guidance

Lunch And Snacks Keep Your Child Fueled

It’s included! Thanks to our very own chef, your child enjoys a hot, nutritious, and yummy lunch daily, along with two snacks, so they can stay on point with homework, and you can stay on track with all the other things you have to do in a day. Our School participates in the Child and Adult Food Program (CACFP). For the Discrimination Statement, Click Here 

Social Time, Play, And Movement Keep Your Child Healthy

Dedicated to children, Magic Memories is a place where your child has the freedom to play, make friends, run, and climb to their heart’s content, getting all the healthy movement your child craves while flexing the social skills they’ll use through school and beyond. 

Become a Learn Smart Parent